“No Lovie, we don’t live on a farm.”

Although this isn’t really your typical story on faith, it is a true story that took a lot of faith and endurance that I wrote as a Children’s book. It shows that with a lot of persistence, dreams do come true!

“No Lovie, we don’t live on a farm.”

Once upon a time there was a beautiful city girl named April, who fell in love with a very handsome farm boy named Siegfried. April had always had ideas about what it was like to live in the country, and had already started making big plans about all of the animals that they could have once they were married. I do believe that Siggy had some big plans of his own- like leaving the country life, and moving to the big city where he could be liberated from the farm life and all of the required hard work.

Before they got married, they wrote many letters in which April let her true feelings be known. Soon she petitioned, “When we get married, can we have puppies?” In which Siggy would usually respond, “No puppies.” After many more letters back and forth, he finally responded in huge handwriting, “NO PUPPIES!”

When they were married for one year, April sweetly asked, “Can we have a kitten?” She was very surprised when Siggy sweetly responded, “No honey, we don’t live on a farm.” Sadly, April left it at that, and had a darling baby daughter named Morgan instead.

When they were married for 3 years and lived in a small town in Canada where there were more cows than people, April asked dearly again if they could have a puppy. Siggy responded in his usual way, “Sorry dear, no Puppies. We don’t live on a farm!”

When they were married for 5 years, April asked as sweet as honey if they could have a puppy. Siggy said, “No honey, we don’t live on a farm.” Instead, he busied himself making a pen out of wood for the new bunny hutch to house “Thumper and Daisy”. We’re getting closer thought April, so when they were married for 10 years, she happily asked if they could get a puppy. This time she was very surprised when he happily responded that he had always wanted a studly “Siberian Husky”. That was a very fine dog indeed, but it was larger than all three of their daughters and could easily eat them for breakfast, should he have a craving for blond haired little girlies! April had to make a corporate decision. She bought a “miniature American Eskimo” instead. Siggy was not very happy, but came to love the dog that their daughters affectionately named “Dolly”. (Not exactly the stud muffin of an animal that Siggy had dreamt of!)

When they were married for 15 years, April asked lovingly for chickens. She was not surprised when Siggy said, “Sorry Lovie, we don’t live on a farm.”

When they were married for 20 years, April sweetly asked for a milking goat. Once again, it was no revelation when the usual response came, “Sweetness, we don’t live on a farm”.

When they were married for 21 years, she asked kindly for honeybees. Can you guess his response? He kindly said in return, “Sorry Lovie, we don’t live on a farm”.

When they were married for 22 years and April adoringly asked for yet another animal. She knew what he would say, so she tiredly questioned, “Will you ever say yes to anything I ask?” “Sorry baby, we don’t live on a farm,” he said.

When they were married for 23 years, April asked her darling if it was time for chickens yet? He said, “We’ll talk about it in the morning.” When morning came, April excitingly asked, “now, about those darling chickies… please Lovie, with sugar on top!” “You don’t know how much work it is,” he said. “I know, but you can teach me and I would love to learn,” she said.

Siggy went off to work. April knew that she must make haste and act quickly. She loaded her 6 daughters into the car and headed to IFA and bought 6 of the cutest, fuzziest, adorable chickies that she had ever seen! “These are sure to win his heart,” she thought.

Each daughter chose a chick to be responsible for and gave them a special name. Jasmine named hers “Gertrude” and Savannah named hers “Mazy.” 3-year-old Paris, who always comes up with extra special names, named hers “Toots”. Brooklyn and Morgan got Silver Hamburg’s, so they gave theirs some good German names: “Gisela and Heidi.” (Sure to win their German fathers heart!) And finally, the Speckled Sussex had coloring that looked just like Bambi, so you guessed it, Liberty named her “Bambi”.

All day, everyone had a wonderful time playing and enjoying their new found friend. Then Daddy came home… Who do you think laid the biggest egg… the chickens, or Daddy? You are right, the very handsome farm boy who still lives in the country, who has yet another studly American Eskimo doggie named “Fuzz”, six adorable chicks, six darling and very happy daughters, and one beautiful city girl named April, who has a very big smile on her face. Once Siggy gets over the large egg he laid, they will all live happily ever after…  until next year.     The End 🙂


The year of 2008 was very magical! We got 11 chickens, a pregnant goat and a kitten! 2009 started with a buzz- 5 Bee hives and rabbits! Yes Lovie, we do live on a farm- and you milk the goats! 🙂 (Bless his heart!)

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