Handwashers to help you do your laundry

Hi Ladies,
I have been asked to do the 6th order of the handwashers. So, if you would like one or many, please e-mail me back. Here is the URL that shows you what it is, and why you want one. There were many times when I wish that I had one of theses while camping.


They are $13.00 each, and I recommend buying 3 so that you have one to wash with, and 2 to rinse with, but one will also work, it will just take longer. You use this in a 5 gal bucket, with 1 1/2 gals of water & 2 Tbls. soap. It can also keep your kiddies busy,  and is a great bardering tool.

If you are interested, I place an order on the first Thursday of every month as long as I can meet the minimum order. If you have 30 or more, I can have them shipped to you, otherwise, you have to pick them up from my house. When I receieve your check, I will order your washer for you and contact you by e-mail when they come in. 

If you are receiving this e-mail and belong to a different group other than the Highland 22nd ward, please feel free to pass this along, and offer it to your wards and neighbors. The more people that want to buy when we bulk order, the lower we can get our over all prices in the purchasing to come. You will just have to collect the orders and money on your end, bring it to me, I will order it, and when it is delivered, you pick it up and take it to your people. Here is my e-mail address: swissmiss1010@yahoo.com

I  do many bulk orders monthly. The month of May will be my solar classes, so solar ovens, panels and other solar things will be made available. I am working on a bulk seed orders, green houses and hot boxes for April/May as well as local honey. So if you are interested in any of these things, start saving your money now.

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