Scrambled Eggs

snapshot-2009-02-09-23-21-12We have had chickens since March of 2008. In August, we had 1-2 eggs daily from our 9 hens. Every day, Sieg has entered our house angry that the chickens were not producing, and that they had better produce soon, or they will end up in the freezer or the next pot of stew! I have kindly reminded him that he needs to talk nice to the chickens, or they won’t lay. Month after month I have listened to his daily murmuring.

One day I had this feeling that the chickens wouldn’t lay eggs until he started to pray that they would. I suggested that this would be a great teaching opportunity for the children, as well as a great exercise for himself. This was on a Tuesday, and Sieg thought that this was a silly thing to do. The children and I prayed for the chickens 4 times that day without him. The following day, just like magic, we got 3 eggs- there was visual proof, now Sieg had to start praying with us. Only 7 days later, we started getting 5 eggs a day!

Does the Lord answer our prayers?  He not only hears them, but also answers them if we will humble ourselves and exercise faith in Him. With God, all things are possible- even scrambled eggs.  🙂

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