2/23/09 Group Buys

Hi everyone, Just a reminder about the group sales going on:


Chickens: (The last order of poultry this year- firm)

I only have 26 chickens left and they have been going fast! (YIPPY!) They need to be pre-paid and will be delivered Sat. afternoon. (Feb 28th) I will e-mail out the time that the truck arrives on Saturday.

Chicks:  (The last order of poultry this year- firm)

There are 33 left and they also need to be pre-paid. They will be delivered on the 26th of Feb. I will also notify you be e-mail.


The 26th is the magic date. Last orders will be received then for both the Delta and the Highland honey. All monies need to be paid then, or I will drop your order.

WonderMill order #2   (Last order this year- firm)

The deadline for that is the 27th. I will place the order, than e-mail to you the exact price. Please pay ASAP after that time.

Handwashers -order #5:

As long as I keep meeting the minimum order, I will keep ordering these. Must be paid in full Feb 26th. $10.00 each.


Nuclear kit:

$50.00 pre-sale for the class March 5th. If you want more info., check out the following: http://www.aprilshowerspreparedness.com/category/classes/nulcear/

I will also offer them after the class through the month of March.


I am excited to give you new options of group orders next week, so hold onto your hat Fred, March is coming! Have a great day, April 🙂

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  1. I was wondering if you are doing any more group orders for the hand washer for $10. I would like to order 2 but I don’t know how to get and order payment to you.
    Jeana Rankin

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