Our Daily Prayers


Our prayers each day usually sound something like this:


“Please bless Daddy that he’ll find a job,

Bless the chickens to lay eggs,

Please bless Morgan and Shane that they will have a baby,

Please bless Grandma that she will get better soon,

Bless Fancy Pantcy (the goat) that she will have triplets or twins,

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”


5 1/2 year old Brooklyn knew what she was saying, but got it all messed up one day. This is what she said:


“Bless Grandma that she will get a job,

Bless Morgan that she will have triplets,

Bless the chickens to have their kids,

Bless Fancy Pantcy to lay eggs,

Bless Daddy to get better,

(And then 4 year old Paris chimed in)

“With Liberty and Justice for all!”


I love having little kiddies around!

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