Questions about Raw Organic Honey

The following statements are my opinions that I have made according to my studies and experiences. I am not a doctor or an “authority” on the subject. I invite you to do your own studying and then you can decide how Raw Organic Honey can best help you and your family. 



 April,  The price of this honey seems really HIGH! Why would I  want this kind over Costco’s 6.8 lb for $10?



 The honey at Costco is pasteurized and thinned out. It is good though, that is what I use daily, but long term, it is not the answer. Organic honey is something that you will never have to rotate. Because it is organic, it has a lot of medicinal properties- like it can bring someone out of shock, stop a sore throat etc. If you can afford even one bucket, it will be worth it. It is also really good for digestive disorders that tax the system. It will replace missing enzymes that help you digest all foods better. Just a few reasons, but there are MANY more. This honey is raw and will eventually crystalize but raw honey stores forever! Pasteurized honey will go bad!

April 🙂

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