Gardening Class Reminder

Yesterday, while I was outside, the goats were bleating, the chicks were peeping and guess what? The winter doldrums were lifted from me and bottled up energy just busted out all over! I saw my darling purple crocuses blooming their pretty little faces off, the lime green grass blades are reaching up out of their winter graves, and the seed catalogues were screaming “Come and get me!” “Oh my gosh”, with such excitement in the air, I ran over to the roto-tiller and was ready to “start up my engines!” Unfortunately, it is literally busted, so I had to borrow Tina Curzon’s pruning sheers and give our orchard a haircut! “Just wait until Monday I thought, I’ll put Siggy to work and we’ll have our seedlings planted before our gardening class this Thursday!” (Honestly, I can hardly wait to go play in the dirt again!)

Yippy, it is our gardening class this Thursday at 10:00 here at my house!

Hopefully, we have all made it through the ward-winter-bog that we have so lovingly shared with one another, (that is a true Zion community that loves and serves each other so much, that we can share our own love-pandemic with everyone in just 3 hours or less on just one day of the week. 🙂 )

Anyway, back to business, please come to Rebekah Griffins class on organic gardening, and be prepared to learn the greatest information ever from our very own serious, expert organic gardener! Hopefully, you too, can share your own experiences and tips with us, because I know that there are many gardeners and closet gardeners out there with many tricks up your sleeves that we are wanting/needing to know. (Becky Juchau, RaCail Hayes, Heidi & Judy Conover and Karen Gardener- just to name a few.)

See you on Thursday- hopefully we will have good weather that day. Then you are welcome to bring your little kiddies to play in the backyard for our one our class.

Everyone is welcome 🙂

P.S. Someone who ordered the cookbooks from the bulk buy suggested that they would also buy their Mother’s day and birthday presents in theses cookbooks this year. I must admit, they are the difference between delicious food, and “food storage” meals, which can be really awful. (Trust me, I have made made of those too.) I thought she had an excellent idea, so I am passing it on to you. 🙂

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