Chicken “Natural Medicine”


I have bought some chicks and a couple keep dying.  I know that’s a certain extent.  I usually have 1 die.  But I have a few (4,) that I’m keeping separate. Here are their symptoms..

Not social…cast outs

Barely eating


Diarrhea (sp) really watery, not just rust color.

Very unstable. like they’re dizzy

I have googled lots of illnesses…worms; I’ve given them yogurt.  Anyhoo, just wondering if you’ve had success with diagnosing.

Thank you for any help/advice you can offer.




(From my own experience- I am not a vet. and and don’t claim to be.)


Hi Wendy,

I put all sorts of things in my animal’s water to keep them healthy and worm free. Try colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar. I Add 1/2 teas. of apple cider vinegar to their water daily for about 4 days until they seem to be better. If they are not doing better, continue until they are. The silver is different depending on how strong it is, but very similar in application. I rotate them. Apple cider can be given daily; the colloidal silver is used when you know that they are sick. This also works on larger animals just increase the dosages. I have also given them garlic cloves to peck at for their antibiotic properties, and of course, we pray over our animals like the scriptures tell us to do. Make sure that their anuses are free of poop and that they are not too warm or cold. Make sure that you are feeing them the right “chick food” so that they are not getting too much roughage.

Hope that that helps- it has worked for us.

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