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All true angels play the harp!
All true angels play the harp! 🙂

Hello friend!

My name is April and I am very happy to share with you all that I am learning about preparedness.

I have been a city/classical, girl most of my life. Now I am delving into the “granola” type of living because of all of the wonderful things that I am learning. 

My hobbies are preparedness, natural medicine, music and the fine arts. I have taught piano lessons for 23 years, violin for 3 and enjoy playing the harp, guitar and Ukulele as well. I have 19 private students; lead the Ward Choir (I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and the Ward and Stake Orchestra. I am also the preparedness specialist in my ward, and if that didn’t keep me busy enough, I also have 6 adorable daughters, (one cute son-in-law) a mini-farm, and one very handsome German/Canadian husband.

I have lived in Utah, California, Canada, Israel and Germany and have visited Africa and Australia extensively. I love to travel- and go as often as I can. As a family, we love to hop into our RV, (old reliable) and find ourselves in Canada most every year to visit our families. I homeschool my kiddies and would love to get into the RV and travel the USA for a full year abroad. (Would that be a blast or what?)

Life is Beautiful and is a great gift from God! I am fortunate enough to experience it with wonderful family, friends, loyal animals, and a trip to Manhattan every once in a while to see a Broadway play,  eat a fresh bagel, and yummy, yummy NewYork Cheese cake!

I just found out that I am going to be a Grandma! Obviously, I am  way too young- I have proof of this too; I was 7 months pregnant at my daughters wedding! Or perhaps that means that we live in Utah! 🙂 None the less, we are very happy! Yippy, another little music student!

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  1. April, I have been desperately trying to find Rebecca Lee’s DVD “20 Things…” Can you send me info where to get it. I would love to spread the info in it to many surrounding ward/stakes. any leads you could give me would be so appreciated. thanks! lisa collett

  2. Hi Lisa,
    As fas as I know, this is her e-mail address: 20items@gmail.com
    Her phone number is 801-668-6490.
    Last I heard, she was on a mission. I have a copy of her DVD, but I don’t know if I can copy/or even sell it. (I’d love to sell it if I can.)
    Anyway, good luck Lisa, and thanks for checking out my sight!
    April 🙂

  3. I love your website and I am telling everybody about it! I wish you the best of success
    you “wonder woman.” I love that picture of you–you are the picture of health!

  4. April, I love your new blog. You are so amazing! Thanks for being my friend, the benefits are
    numberless. How the heck did you get so much stuff on it so fast. Go girl. Love you, Alison

  5. I can’t seem to find your email address anywhere, what is the best way to contact you if I want to place an order?

  6. You are AWESOME, (Cindy’s favorite word, she is home from her mission) you never cease to amaze
    me with what you learn, share and accomplish. May our Heavenly Father’s Choicest Blessings Be Yours,
    you really are amazing (her other favorite word). You’re like a pot running over with joy and enthusiasm for everything, I smile just thinking of you, and consider myself blessed to know you. Congratulations on the grandchild, Jenn’s providing our 2nd in Aug. Yesterday our Bishop challenged us to not go to the grocery
    store for 2 weeks, now I’ve got to use my food storage, I bought food for the family open house for Cindy
    and planned on going today to buy for the week. This will be an interesting 2 weeks with no fresh produce,
    to early for stuff from the garden. At least we still have running water, gas and electricity, I should be more prepared than I am since I’ve lived on it before for a lot longer. This will help me organize my recipes and
    evaluate what I need.

  7. We survived the 2 weeks of living on our food storage. I did go to the store to buy in ingredients for laundry
    soap, not because I needed it but because I wanted to try it. I made a 5 gal. bucket and put it by my washing
    machine. My son has oily hair and his pillow case only come clean if I prespot it. So now I just dip it in my
    5 gal. bucket and make sure it is totally covered with the Fels Naptha gel and then squeeze out the excess,
    put it in the washing machine with other clothes and about 3/4 of a cup from the 5 gal bucket ( I never got
    around to diluting it to make 10 gallons) and it comes out clean. No more expensive laundry cleaners.
    I also have a brush in the 5 gal bucket and sometimes just spot something by dipping the brush and brushing
    the gel into the spot, it took carrots stains out of a crib sheet. I’ve never seen your prices for the soap,
    washing soda or borax, maybe I’m not spending enought time looking.

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