Questions about Nuclear Kit


 I’d like to buy the Nuclear Kit, would it be best for  me to mail you a check, or just wait until Thursday?


Our church doesn’t like us to “money change” on its premises, so if you prepay, I can give you your kit that night. I will however be selling them through out the month, so you can still order them, but not take it home with you that night. The choice is yours.

Thanks for asking, April 🙂

Nuclear Kit Description

Hello again everyone,
3 things today:

If you didn’t get pasta and still want to, you can go to 90 ea. Main Street in Lehi on Friday the 13Th from 1-7, or Sat. the 14Th 10-5 to get whatever else might be available. You won’t get it for .65 cents a pound though, but .75 cents a pound is still good. My friend said that he should have spaghetti and some more common pasta’s, but only on a first come first serve basis. Good luck, it goes fast, but worth it.

Class reminder:

Thursday, the 12 of Feb. 10:00 at April’s house.
Basic bread making, and survival bread.
(If you make your own bread, and want to share a taste and recipe with us, please bring it to this class.)

Group orders going on:
Handwashers  $10.00   (due Thursday am)


WonderMill wheat grinders  $232.45 or less depending on how many we order. (due Friday am)

Nuclear Kit (Can save 20 peoples lives) I am pre-selling these for $50.00 for the class on March 5Th.

Nuclear kit Contents:
Nuclear War Survival Skills ($20.00 retail)
kI chemical USP 40 grams   ($26.00 retail)
Book of Revelation Today   ($14.00 retail
Restoration of the Republic  ($12.50 retail)
Trace mineral liquid label seconds (3 month supply) $24.00 retail)
DVD Last Day Devastation vs. Latter-day Preparation ($10.00 ea. DVD)
DVD A more Perfect Union
KI tablets   ($8.00)
Liquid electrolyte spray energy salt and sprayer  (12.00)

Coming up group orders:

Honey, bulk garden seeds & bulk spices. I am still working on the pandemic kit. When I nail down a good price, I’ll tell you all about it.

Thanks, that’s it for tonight ladies. Thank you, April 🙂