My Credentials

I suppose that some might wonder what qualifications I have in order to have a website like this- so, let me share some things with you from my past experiences.

  1. My Mother is the most amazing woman I know. She would load all of her 7 children in our station wagon and head up North for the summer, leaving my Father back in the States to work. We would spend the entire summer camping at Waterton Glacier International Peace Park in Alberta, Canada. It was wonderful spending 3 months every year of my life living in a tent come rain or shine, hail or wind. (And that happened frequently in the Canadian Rockies.) It wasn’t always a party, but we learned to cook, stay warm and resume life as if we were at home, and have fun doing it! The best part was being together will all of my cousins all summer- what a life!
  2. When I lived in Israel, we were evacuated twice. With only one hours notice, we left to Egypt because of a war with Lebanon. I remember what that felt like, and how scary that was to be unprepared, and to not be with my family. I have walked through mine fields, hopped electric fences, and survived other gruely experiences while I have been a broad and without my family. These were unusual, unexpected events, so having advanced notice to plan for a “pandemic” or a “nuclear” something- is easy. “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” And I am banking on that promise!
  3. I traveled three times through Europe with a backpack. (One change of clothes, and a towel.) When I left from Egypt, instead of my luggage arriving with me in Rome, it went on to New York. It took 1 month to return to Rome, and by that time I was in So. Africa. Two months later, I caught up with my luggage, which I learned I really didn’t need at all. For 3 months, I lived on $5.00 a day- (I do not recommend this) and a lot of the time I was really hungry. I learned that you cannot live on Swiss chocolate and yogurt alone. (Although I tried really hard.) You don’t feel very good, and you’ll get a great case of acne!
  4. I moved away from home at 16 years old to a foreign country without even knowing the language. That was tough, but nothing was as tough as being separated from my group in France, and not having contact with anyone I knew for over a month. During that time, my passport and money were stolen while I was asleep on a train. This is where I learned to TRUST in the Lord, and PRAY for miracles like I have never had to before.
  5. I was a camp counselor at a girl’s camp for an entire summer one year. We dug more latrines, ate ashcakes for breakfast, and cooked with Dutch-ovens all season. It was the greatest experience. I did however learn, that you really don’t want to paint your face very often with the coals from the fire pit. Once again, it makes the perfect conditions for a bazoo farm. (A zit fest all over your face!)   🙂
  6. We lived in Canada when Chernobyl Nuclear disaster occurred. One month after the incident, acid rain fell onto all of the crops where we lived. We were cautioned to not buy or eat anything fresh, including milk, (because the cows were eating the grass) for at least 2 weeks. (Now that I know better, I know that we should have waited a lot longer!)
  7. Also while living in Canada, we had a terrible snowstorm that took out the electricity in the part of our city where we lived. This lasted for several days. Fortunately, we had a Coleman stove to use for cooking, but it only kept our hands warm, and couldn’t keep the house warm- at all. (It wasn’t meant to, but that is all we had.) It was not fun, and was dangerous and smelly. I was able to keep my baby warm, but I froze! We started to investigate ways to stay warm after this experience. (That is inspiration out of desperation!)
  8. Do you like to be cold? I can’t stand it! Living in Canada taught me what it really means to be cold- I mean frozen! I have looked for a system that would do just that long-term without fuel. I am currently sewing it all up. When I have details of how efficient it is for me, I will share that with you.
  9. Early in our marriage, we decided to move from Canada to the States. When my husband declined a transfer, we lived on peaches and pickles for the next 4 months until our immigration papers came through. (This is another diet that I don’t recommend!) We sure wished many times that I had canned something more than the 2 p’s. (Pickles and Peaches.)
  10. I have studied natural medicine for over 20 years. I was fortunate to study under the best teachers in Australia, and in my opinion, the best teachers ever, who taught me more than natural medicine. I am one of two people outside of Australia who practice the modalities that I have learned there. I have had many teachers along the way that have been amazing! Does the stuff I do work? Just ask me sometime how I got my last 3 children after a 12-year drought!
  11. We have been unemployed 4 times now. The first is mentioned earlier, the second was when I had a newborn, was pregnant with child #3 and we suddenly became evicted with short to little notice. We sold everything we could- including our only car, and started over. This experience lasted for 1 year, but we had some little jobs along the way that really helped out. We had to relocate when employment came, and were grateful that this time, we had a better-rounded food supply, although we had little to no money.
  12. The fourth unemployment came just as abruptly as the third, but we had some time to store up in between the two that truly has saved the day. Sadly, we are still experiencing the 4th lay off which is now in its 10th month. Happily, we have survived very well, and have remained self-sufficient and self-reliant. There are things that I didn’t think of before this time, that I wished that we had now, but when this season is over, we will restock, and then those holes will be filled. (If you want to know what those holes are, look in the category “insights” for the posting, “What I have learned from 8 months of unemployment and living off of food storage long term.”)

So, what makes me an expert? Learning form the past, living in the present and becoming educated, so that I can prepare for the future with minimal fear. You are welcome to come along and gather the necessities with me!  I am willing to share with you what I have learned a long the way, and hopefully you will share with me, too. That is the purpose of this website. To share, and hopefully, we can all be better because of it. We are all in this together, so the more we can share, the better off we all will be.

May all of our challenges make us bloom in the winter, and help us better prepare for the future!
Take care friend,

April 🙂

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  1. Geeeez, homemade pads… Who would have thought. I did raise my last two sons on cloth diapers. Who would have thunk?

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