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You can leave me a message on any of the “add a comment” places, or e-mail me at Anyone is welcome to join my e-mail list as long as you pay upfront for any orders that you make, and you have to be able to pick up your orders at my home, in a timely fashion once it is delivered. (or have someone else pick it up for you.) Because I make pennies on our bulk orders, I can not mail any orders at this time. It is too difficult and too big of a conflict with my 3 little ones. (I have tried it, and it is a catastrophe!)

It’s pretty simple- just leave me a comment in either of those 2 ways. 😀

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  1. April, I would love to be on your email list 🙂 Also, is it too late to order your Shirley J products? Thank you for your site. What an amazing service you are providing for us all THANK YOU.

  2. Hi,
    This is a nice site. I am chairperson of EPAC (560,000 families in North America). Over 75% of our folks have a year supply of food storage or more now….so we have been at it for awhile.
    I couldn’t help but notice your information on pandemic flu preparedness. Here is another idea you all might like to have. Disposables of any kind run out quickly! Children through adult, who have dysentery symptoms will go through a lot of bed protectors and diapers. It really is best to have reusable infant through adult size reusable diapers on hand. It is really important to have good solid reuable bed protectors, like seen in hospitals. These are very expensive, but there are some companies on ebay who are selling some terrific products right now.
    About 1000 families took part in a mockup pandemic scenario recently. These were items everyone reported were absolutely neccessary inorder to take care of sick family members.
    Sterilizing these for reuse by others was worked out by using good infectious disease principles.
    We learned it is important to practice ahead of time at home. Even things which seem so simple, like repositioning a person in bed, cleaning up an adult, giving bed baths and so on was challenging at first if one didnt know what to do.

    And, people do run out of disposable toilet paper during real disasters. After talking with folks in countries where these things are not available, we learned we need reuable toilet rags, spray bottles (which can be used like a European Bedet…just squirt yourself from front to back until clean and yes, it does work perfectly on the backside), etc… Sewage will be a huge problem as evidenced during Katrina Disaster…..Some of our folks have built very cute and arsty looking outhouses in their lawns. These are used for things like storing garden tools now, but are actually working outhouses. Some families built little storage cabinets for slack lime and disinfectants. Those not using outhouses have adopted the method of draining water from toilets which are already sturdy, and using plastic garbage bags in the bowl held down with the toilet seats. There are a lot of different porta pottie types it seems.

    One hygiene idea we all find a real help is to be sure and have good heavy plastic sheeting. We can scoop out a bath tub on a slope, with easy to drain down the side and then use solar parabolic shields to heat water direct or to heat large stones to warm the water. We are really liking using parabolic solar heating more and more. Sunoven is great adn we like it, but when understood and practiced using a more focused ray, although dangerous, can be used, even when there are alot of people in need.

    We are all really concerned about large scale hygiene.

    2 years ago I was in Englewood NJ, 5 minutes from Geaorge Washington bridge when a moderate thunderstorm knowcked out the primary adn backup filtration systems for Nassau and Bergen County. There was no clean water for 9 days in upper 90 F weather. I could not believe how fast things got out of control. DOH yellow taped off all public facilities which had a drinking fountain/bathroom, all fo the produce departments were off limits..hospitals yellow coded on to other facilities…it was a nightmare….there was no water being brought in either…

    I wish RS would offer classes in home care in Enrichment meetings.

  3. Hi,

    We love your site.

    We are having a difficult time accessing wholesale peas in the East. Our farmers are growing other things at present. I can get all of the crimson clover and alfalfa I want at 3.25/lb. I get wholesale direct dried beans of many types….but no peas.

    Would you mind sharing your wholesale whole pea source?

    Kathy OMeal
    Stake Preparedness Leader Palmyra NY Stake

  4. I found your website after you left my house today after helping Sariah. Thank you so much. You have some really amazing stuff here and in “April” fashion, so it is witty and entertainting too! I wanted to ask you if you doing another olive oil order sometime, what you do with feldsnaptha and if you use washable pads often and always? You are so full of so much wisdom, I wish I could see inside your brain.

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