Aged Garlic

This formula comes from Allen Beygi, of Escondido, California, graciously contributed it as a way that he seasons garlic for a greater potency and less (if any) odor. This is offered with Allen’s permission. 

  • 5 lbs. fresh garlic
  • 1/2 gallon distilled white vinegar or organic apple cider vinegar
  • Waxed paper
  • 4-5 Tablespoons of salt
  • 1 gallon size glass jar
  1. Sterilize a 1-gallon glass jar.
  2. Cut off bottom root of each garlic bunch.
  3. Remove garlic husks (skin). Leave on the last skin areas. Vinegar will soften it.
  4. Add 5 Tbls. salt to vinegar
  5. Bring ½ gallon salted vinegar to a boil.
  6. Empty garlic into a glass jar.
  7. Slowly add vinegar to garlic in a glass jar so the jar will not crack.
  8. Wait ½ hour and put waxed paper on top of jar, and then put on the plastic lid tightly.
  9. Write a date on top of the jar.
  10. One week later, add more vinegar. (If you have left-over cold vinegar, use this.
  11. Store on a shelf for a minimum of 6 months. One to two years is much better. Perfect after three years! (It is not necessary to store this in a refrigerator.) Do not be concerned if your garlic turns blue or green. The garlic had not cured long enough before being sold. It will not affect the final products ability to do its job.

 During the bubonic plague of 1721 in the seaport of Marseilles, city officials decided to use four criminals condemned to death to bury thousands of infected bodies in the streets and, in the process, to die from exposure to them.

Day after day, the criminals carried out their work, remained in good health, and eventually, went free, because they knew something that Marseilles official’s didn’t- that crushed garlic, a folk medicine, supposedly protects against illness. Night and night, they protected themselves liberally. There were no double-blind studies to prove the value of their concoction. However, the criminals didn’t need them. They survived, and some of the officials who had condemned them didn’t.

            Now days, we have had many double-blind studies done using aged garlic, because it is the most effective type pf garlic. There are some wonderful books on garlic and I highly recommend you do your own research.

 Recipe via. Rebecca Lee

Here is the info on garlic and vinegar from that have to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine from Lily Simpson

Make Your Own Chinese Health Tonic with Garlic & Vinegar

July 2007 Articles

By Tom Fung, Dip AC, Dip TCM

Many people are now aware that vinegar and garlic are both good for health. I would like to introduce a very good recipe which combines those two ingredients. It is practical and time-saving. The theory is based on traditional Chinese medicine concepts. It can be used for health maintenance and medical use.

Recipe ingredients proportion: Vinegar 50%, garlic 50%.

In this recipe we are going to work with a one litre bottle of vinegar and 5 heads of garlic. However, the recipe can be cut by half or more for smaller portions, as long as the correct ratios are maintained.

Selection of materials and process:

Garlic – The best garlic is the one with a purple skin.

Vinegar – You may use organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar from the health food store, or rice vinegar from an Oriental grocery store. The best Chinese vinegar is called Chinkiang Vinegar which got a gold medal in 1985 in France.

1. Peel off the garlic skin and crack the garlic.

2. In a large glass bowl, add the garlic to the vinegar, mix it up, and then pour the concoction into glass jars. Store the mixture in a dark place for at least two weeks. Then it is ready to use.

If you keep this juice in a cool place in a well sealed jar, usually it is good for 20 years or longer, especially if it contains the famous dark Chinese rice vinegar. You may take out the garlic after soaking it for one month and bring the tonic with you when travelling to primitive places with a lot of contagious disease.