Bulk Order Update

Hi everyone,

The bulk orders are still going on for the Bosh mixers, 3 cookbooks, nuclear kit, handwashers and pasta. There has been a great desire for fels-naptha, so I will place another order of that. Deadline is April 10th. Just e-mail me your specific orders and I will e-mail your amount back to you. If you want more specific info. on the things that we are ordering, just read on down further and get the information that you need.


If you are wondering “what’s the big deal about the Fels-naptha”, it is simple: a seriously cheap way to make your own healthy clothes detergent that isn’t full of chemicals and fillers. With 1 bar of soap, 1 c of washing soda and 1/2 c of borax, you can make 10 GALLONS of liquid/gel washing detergent that can last a really long time, or many loads of washing. That is AMAZING in itself! If you want other recipes for laundry detergents that are liquid, powder and softeners, go here for more info. http://aprilshowerspreparedness.com/category/classes/laundry-ideas/


For those who ordered Fels-Naptha, Washing Soda or Borax a few weeks ago, I am on my way to pick it up. You can get it from me after 5:00 tonight, or tomorrow morning before 3:00 or again after 5:00 daily pm.


The Bulk Seed order has been placed, so please, if you haven’t already, get Rebekah your money ASAP.


Looking ahead to the month of April.


If you have any recipes that include sprouts, could you please share them with all of us? Just e-mail me your favorites, and I will send them out to our group before our sprouting class.


Here’s a peek into our bulk orders coming in April:


Sprouts and sprouters

Shirley J Sauces to go with your pasta, for soups, pizza etc., and some more surprises 🙂


Have a great day ladies!

April 🙂

March 15-31st Bulk Buys

Hello Sisters,

Quite a few things today- hold onto your hat:

Everyone who has ever purchased handwashers, honey, or a WonderMill, they are here at my house. 🙂  And, if you ordered Fels-Naptha, Washing Soda or Borax, they have not come in yet, but will hopefully, before Thursdays class! Then, you can come and get that, and attend the gardening class too!


More March Bulk Orders:

When things hit the fan, (whatever that means) there are 4 books that I will take with me. My scriptures, and all 3 of these books. Having lived on our garden and food storage for almost 1 year now, I can honestly tell you, that all of my cookbooks have been thrown out the window, (not really, just thrown out of the kitchen into the library) because they are really useless. I do not have the majority of ingredients to make anything and substituting ingredients with powdered or dehydrated something just makes a mess most of the time.

So, here are the top 3 cookbooks that I have PROVEN worthy of emergency, or long-term cooking in my case.


Prices do not include tax or shipping, but that will be minimal as always. E-mail me your order, and I will add it all up for you.

     1. Cookin’ with Home Storage—by Peggy Layton.  Regularly $16.95

I have used this cookbook when I can’t find what I am looking for in any other book- now I just look here first. I have been VERY pleased with everything I have tried, and love this book!!!! ******



10-29  books- $13.99

30-59 books- $10.99

60+ books- $9.99 

        2. Mix a Meal–retails for $14.95 

This book is all about fast food. If you remember from my earlier classes, there is no such thing as fast food when you have to soak beans over night, and then cook them for the next two.  This book is full of mixes from pancakes and cookies to ranch dressing to sloppy joes and many others. It is also a must!  *****


10-29 copies–13.99

30-74 copies-  $12.49

75+ copies– $10.99

     3. Bee Prepared Cook Book  $15.00

This is a “½ inch binder book” that is full of information that you might want to know about every grain, and how to use it. The recipes are also very good! *****

Many of you ordered this last year, and we have been adding to it ever since. I thought that I would offer it again for those that didn’t get it last year. As with all things since last year, the price has gone up too! All of the recipes that I will and have sent you from my classes can be added under their chapter headings. All you’ll have to do from there is contribute yourself, print them off, or get the ones we have done in the past from http://aprilshowerspreparedness.com then and add them to your “Bee Prepared” cookbook. Wow! What a great idea! (I’m glad I thought of that!)


     4. Bosch  (Deadline March 31, 2009)

  • Universal Plus 800 Watt  Reg. $399.99

5-10 ordered  $350.00 without blender, plus tax


  • Classic 700 Watts Reg.  $389.99

5-10 ordered $325.00 without blender, plus tax


      5. 6th order of handwashers. (Can you believe it? You would think that we do a lot of laundry or something!) Price increase to $13.00- everything is going up now-a-days!  www.breathingwasher.com 

     6. Nuclear Kit (Can save 20 peoples lives) Post sales are still $50.00 until March 31st.

Nuclear kit Contents:


Nuclear War Survival Skills ($20.00 retail)
kI chemical

USP 40 grams   ($26.00 retail)

Book of Revelation Today   ($14.00) retail

Restoration of the Republic  ($12.50 retail)

Trace mineral liquid label seconds (3 month supply) $24.00 retail)

DVD Last Day Devastation vs. Latter-day Preparation ($10.00 ea. DVD)

DVD A more Perfect

KI tablets   ($8.00)

Liquid electrolyte spray energy salt and sprayer  (12.00)


Last but not least, Macey’s has their Case Lot sale going on, and there are some great prices. Make sure that you compare with the Lindon cannery though, because some of their prices cannot be beat!