This weeks group/bulk buy’s = bargains! 2/16/09

Hi Sisters,

Let me first tell you what it means to bulk buy. When we buy in large quantities (which could only mean 10 or more), we get a huge price break. When there are more than 20, we get an even larger break. That is what it means to group buy, or bulk buy- huge savings for all of us! 🙂

Bulk order going on currently:

Wheat grinders, Live chickens, Raw organic Honey, Handwashers.

  1. I have one wheat grinder that I paid for, and then was cancelled that I need to sell ASAP. If you missed the chance to get one last week, please place your order with me. The final price was $239.20 including tax. If you haven’t brought me your check, please do.
  2. Live Chickens: If you are interested in raising your own organic eggs, then you may be interested in the Sexlink Laying Hen – a cross between a Rhode Island
Red and a Plymouth Barred Rock. These were born last July and are now laying each day.
 I found a woman who will be bringing down a shipment each weekend for those who want them. They are currently laying Large and Extra Large brown eggs and
each hen averages 290 eggs per year. If we can get an order of over 50
they are only $8.00 each. 

She has had these layers laying eggs all winter, without a light and the
taste great! Let me know if you are interested and I will put you down on the list and let you know where we will pick these up. When you buy the chickens already laying that will save you at least 5 months of feeding them while not producing them. If you are interested, this will save you money in feed, and heat lamps and 5-6 months time.
  3. Raw, organic honey. This is an INDEFINATE FOOD STOAGE ITEM that doesn’t have to be rotated, but can be. It will last forever. Last year was a tough year on bee’s and many colonies of bees were killed. Both of these beekeepers lost a lot of bees, hence; honey as well. They, as well as most other beekeepers will be out of honey come March. (Next month) That is why I thought we’d better get on this one.

This comes from 2 different sources. Raw organic means that there has been nothing added to it- like water, so it is thick like molasses.  Honey that you buy in the store has bee pasteurized and thinned out. It is good though, that is what I use daily, but long term, it is not the answer. (Not a problem, I just keeps mine in my window box to liquefy it in the sunshine.) When you buy honey from your own area, it has certain enzymes in it that will increase your overall health. If you suffer from Allergies or Asthma, insomnia, have skin problems or want over all immune boost, purchase the honey nearest where you live. If you aren’t looking for anything other that yummy honey, go for the cheapest one. Both of them are delicious! This honey is raw and will eventually crystalize but raw honey stores forever! Pasteurized honey will go bad!

At my class next month, I will share with you in a mini-class, more reasons to buy raw honey, and why you want to have it in your food storage. After all, if must have been important, of Jared and his brother wouldn’t have bothered putting them on their barges. Can you imagine what that must have been like? Hopefully they hibernated!

If you can’t make the class, look it up next month at, under Raw Organic Honey.


  1. From a beekeeper here in Highland here are the following prices: light and dark yellow from orchards and flowering plants ($3.50 a pound)
  • 1.     1 gal bucket, 12#  $42.00
  • 2.     4 gal bucket, 48#  $168.00


  1. From a bee keeper in Delta, alfalfa blossom honey- dark orange in color ($3.00 a lb.)
  •   5 lb. bucket, $15.50 (that is all he has left to choose from)

If we get our order in soon, I think that we can order as much as you would like. If you are interested, please place your order before the 26th of February.


5th order of handwashers. (Can you believe it? You would think that we do a lot of laundry or something!) Still $10.00 and ½ price at that. Someone e-mailed me back and told me that she just bought it for $17.00 in her group buy. We are getting a great deal!


Well sisters, those are great deals for any who are interested. If you aren’t, don’t worry about it, maybe we’ll order that again sometime when it is more convenient for your family. No pressure at all, Sisters.


Have a great day.

April 🙂


P.S. If you ordered a wheat grinder, they will be in sometime after the 28th.


P.P.S.S. I also still need money for some handwahers, as well as need some to be picked up. 🙂