Class Schedule 2008

Hello Sisters,

We had a wonderful canning class/garlic class this past week. Many thanks to those who participated and brought canning things to share- especially to Lily for all she taught about garlic and to Tina, who brought jars to share. (When I receive Lilly’s notes, I will forward all of our notes on to you).

Can to believe that school will be starting up again already next month? In preparation for school lunches and getting those kids out the door with a healthy breakfast, our next two classes will be on the following:

August 7- Smoothies, Granola, Granola Bars, Breakfast cereals (Hot or cold) and any other ideas that you have. (Like the Wiezer Surprise!) (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.)

August 21st- Dehydrating. This includes things from the garden, as well as stuff for sack lunches: trail mixes, fruit roll ups, chips, flakes and powders and beef jerky!

Please type up your recipes and e-mail them to me so that I can later forward them on to you. There will be many people helping with these classes, so THANK YOU in advance!

See you all then,

 April 🙂