Olive Oil- An Ancient & Modern Day Treasure

Hi Everyone,

Last May, my husband and I were touring the small Renaissance city at the tip of Italy’s boot called Palermo. To me, it was a place of mystery because it was lined with watchtowers all along its coasts to watch out for pirates! It was a fantasy just to be there. In the city center of Palermo there was a washing station where the women would come to wash their clothes using an underground spring. It naturally filtered itself into several different stations carved into the rock by the water and the scrubbing women me thinks. It was fascinating to visualize how the women gathered together (like women at the well) to socialize while working.

Also in the heart of the city was a bank. Our tour guide went to great lengths to talk about the vaults in this bank. They were about 3 feet deep, cylinder in fashion, and you could see how a long vase or something similar would go inside. Only the up most rich could place their treasures there. Knowing that this was a pirate port city, my mind raced to wonder what thier treasures were. We were told that money could not buy what was stored here, but it was used to trade and barter with. We were told that during the hardest times in their history, this was the busiest place in town.

What was this bank used for? You guess it my friends; it was a bank full of vaults for olive oil! Knowing what I know about olive oil, it is indeed gold, and wise are the persons that invest in its value. I am not really trying to sell you oil, but hopefully to instill in you the need to get some on your shelves, and hopefully some that will last a long time.

Years ago, I went to Egypt and invested a lot of money in “Pure perfumes” that were sold in those beautiful “I dream of Genie” bottles that every girl must have! The bottles themselves were of made of the most delicate glass and painted to match their girlish figures. The stopper at the top was precious, and elaborate as well. I bought the most beautiful smelling perfumes available for my mother, 5 sisters and myself. Perfumes called, “Jasmine, Nephritides, Isis” and others with mystical names. I had truly bought a gift no one else could duplicate! I was right about that- just 9 months later when I returned home with my priceless treasures, low and behold, my amazing perfumes smelled like a skunk reunion on the freeway!!!! Absolutely disgusting- to put it mildly. All because of a cheep carrier oil! I had to sit and cry for a while, my gifts were spoiled, and my sisters and mother were so disappointed!

My point in sharing these great and sad memories with you, is to remind you to not be deceived by oils sold cheaper at Costco or otherwise. When you don’t know the history of the oil, you also don’t know what pressing it came, or what kind of olive it was pressed from. If you do your homework, you will find that you should buy olive oil with the following criteria: first, cold pressed and, extra virgin olive oil, if you want it not to go rancid and have a good flavor. There are more details, but this is enough to get you started on your studies. I personally, am purchasing oil like the one I am selling now for those reasons alone, in addition; because I have checked other sites on-line and am selling this oil for $5.00 cheaper than they are.

I hope that you can take advantage at this time to put at least one gallon on your shelves for long-term storage. Buy the cheaper stuff for short term, but gradually add to the long-term storage supply if you can. 

I believe in learning from the past, and have never been so impressed in investing in good, unadulterated oil since my trip to Palermo. Just a thought sisters that I thought I would share with you.

Best regards,

April 🙂

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