“A Homemade Christmas”

If you couldn’t go to the store, and Christmas was upon you, how would you make all of your normal treats and make your traditions come alive? Come to our preparedness meeting on December 11, 2008 at 10:00am at Widmer’s house and find out some great ideas on “how to make it” like grandma! (Bless her heart!)

 You are invited to convert one of your favorite holiday recipes into a “food storage recipe”, then e-mail the recipe to me, then bring that Christmas treat to share with all of us.

  •  Mary Wilder will share tips on how to make her unbelievable caramels.
  • Lareen Packer will demo how to make the most beautiful pies you have ever seen! (Almost to pretty to eat- but only for a moment.)
  • Joy Atkinson will teach us how to make butterhorn rolls better than you any you can buy.
  • You can share tips on how you made your treat too!

 See you then,

April 🙂


P.S. I decided to not do the “dinners-in-a-jar” for this month’s class. There were way too many ingredients etc., for me to gather, and afford to do so. I will send you the info. and recipes I gathered attached to this letter.