Herbology Invitation

Hi Ladies, 

If you are interested in learning about herbology, now is the time. The accredited School of Natural Medicine is offering their family herbalist course for $100.00 now until the 15th of April. This is the course that I paid $499.98 for 8 years ago. It is on special right now to celebrate Dr. Christophers birthday. (100 years I believe.) This is an introductory course and and is a pre-requisite for the Master Herbalist, Reflexology, Iridology, and Aromatherapy programs that you can take later if you wish.

There are several of us friends who are interested in doing this, and are going to get together to study and share while we learn.  You are welcome to join us.

On my website, http://aprilshowerspreparedness.com,  if you follow down the right hand side of the page until you see “partners”, there is the “School of Natural Medicine” logo. You can click on that, and it will take you right were you need to go for more information and to sign up.

I have heard rumor that soon we will not be able to buy herbs anymore if we are not Master Herbalists from an accredited school. Although this might really be a rumor, it wouldn’t surprise me if it came to pass the way things are changing so quickly in our world. It will take some time to become a Master Herbalist, so I think that I will get started now and wanted you invite you to come and learn with a group of friends.

Check it out and let me know if you are interested.

April 🙂




 The sprout class today was UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you Jana Kay, Linda and Cherise for sharing your talents and enthusiasm! I can’t wait to get some potting soil and more seeds! As soon as I find the best buys for bulk sprouts, I will send it out to you.

For those of you who ordered Neem last month, none of you gave me amounts to purchase. Please check out http://aprilshowerspreparedness.com/category/group-buys/ to look at quantities then e-mail me back your order- especially if your name is listed below.
Joan Breedlove

Janeane Sevy

Cheryl Weight

Kim Sowa

Tracie Whitlock

David Atkinson

Lily Simpson

  • Olive Oil orders will be accepted through the 17th of April.
  • Shirley J through the 30th.
  • Moon Cup and Keeper until we reach the minimum order.
  • I have about 13 extra “Cookin’ with Food Storage” if anyone is interested.
  • I will take orders until 12:00 noon on Friday for the Pasta and Fels-Naptha. Then we are finished with those 2 items. Check out the attachments for your totals, and please bring your checks by, or mail them to me.
  • The “Bee Prepared” cookbook is here, ready  to be picked up.
  • All Nuclear kits are also ready to go to your homes. 

That’s all for now friends,

Have a great Easter week-end.

April 🙂

Neem Bulk Order


Hi ladies,

Just a reminder about our sprouting class this Thursday at 10:00am April’s House.We will be learning all of the ins-and-outs of sprouting including dirt sprouting. If you have any recipes or testers of your own to bring and share, please do, I welcome any and all good information that each of you has to offer. The sharing that we do is what makes these classes so much fun. We will also do some group buys for sprouts, and sprouters.


For those who are interested in Neem or Karanja oil and cake, the bulk prices are listed below. The applications for both of these organic products are endless. If you haven’t already, check out at www.neemresource.com to read all about it. It is amazing stuff that is well worth the price and lasts a very, very long time. It is good for bug/spider control, fertilizer etc. We use about 1 -2 oz. for our entire orchard and yard last year as well as this year. Shipping will be added later.


The following prices are based on the hope that we can get a minimum of 12 bottles. Otherwise, we only get a 10% discount.


Neem Oil 8 oz.               reg. $12.00             bulk price  $9.00

                32 oz.                reg. $36.00             bulk price $28.00

                1 gallon            reg. $75.00             bulk price $65.00

Karanja Oil 8 oz.            reg. $11.00             bulk price  $8.00

                  32 oz.               reg. $33.00             bulk price $26.50

                  1 gallon            reg. $68.00             bulk price $58.00

The Karanja cake and Neem cake is what you can use as fertilizer in your garden. It aerates,  nourishes, slowly releases nitrogen, promotes plant growth and resistance improves soil quality and is 100% organic!


The following prices are based on the hope that we can get a minimum of 10. Otherwise, the price is the same as on line- $38.00 and $29.00 for the Karanja.


Neem Cake            44 #’s  $33.00            (1 # covers 100 to 160 sq. feet)

Karanja Cake       44 #’s  $24.00.           (1 # covers 100 to 160 sq. feet)


Obviously, depending on your garden size, this could be a 2 or more year supply and is well worth the money! 


Thanks y’all           

April 🙂

April’s Group Buys (The month)

Helloo everyone,

The group buys for the month of April are as follows:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shirley J Sauces, Pasta (Last day to order is April 10th-  firm), The Moon cup or the Keeper, Neem Oil, Sprouts and Sprouters.

(Prices on Neem and the Sprout items are yet to come.)



(Will take orders through the 17th of April.)


I found this great source for olive oil- first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in a one gallon
tin to a pallet full of 300 gallons.

The price per gallon is $20.00 which is $121.00 per 6 gallon case. I 
haven’t been able to find a better price for this oil anywhere. 
The recommended shelf life of this oil in tins is about 2 years, but I have kept olive oil for 7 – 10 years and found it in great
shape for use.

The enemies to olive oil are heat, light, and air. So
if you keep the tins (which block out the light) in a cool place, the
shelf life should be quite good. The tins come with a screw on spout, so you can empty some into a smaller container and close up the gallon for later use. We do that with our oil. We have a refillable easy pour container that we refill from our gallon tins and use that for convenience. 

The olive oil is cold pressed (first press) extra virgin olive oil – and comes from either Italy or Greece (it varies) from the largest importer of extra virgin olive oil in the US. We get it in resealable one-gallon tins to help keep out light – olive oil lasts longer if it is cold and dark and not exposed to air.



 If you have tasted the soups and sauces at the temple cafeteria, you will know that this is REALLY good stuff. I have personally used all listed below for almost 10 years and highly recommend it because of its versatility. We use and love them all! Honestly, these sauces make anything that you use it for taste gourmet’.


If you want to know recipes in “How to use” this awesome product visit www.shirleyj.com/recipes.html.

 Our sale prices are highlighted in red.

Positively the most versatile, economical item in the kitchen, our add water mix blends perfectly with no lumps and in only minutes will give you a perfect silky, seasoned sauce for use in countless soups, sauces, casseroles and gravies. Cream sauce is one of the most widely used of all sauces and is the base for literally thousands of recipe applications.

Cream Soup, Sauce and Gravy mix 

 (If I could, I would buy 2- 23 lb. buckets!)

#10 can 6/case     ($17.79/can) $91.49 ($15.25 case savings)                       

($19.55/can) $99.99 – Retail

23 lb. bucket     $87.99                                               

$99.50 – Retail

White Cheddar Soup and Sauce Base*

Makes a creamy cheese base for Broccoli Cheese Soup, Wisconsin Cheese Soup, etc; or a delightful cheese sauce for veggies!

#10 can 6/case    ($18.99 / can) $97.99 ($15.95 case savings)                     

 ($19.55 / can) $99.00 – Retail

All Purpose Seasoning

(This is like Lipton onion mix but concentrated.)

A rich full bodied seasoning similar to the dry onion soup mixes found in grocery stores, with the added benefit that ours is more concentrated and less expensive. This is a great seasoning for roasted meats, Chicken, Sauces and casseroles

1 lb can 6 cans/case   ($6.99/ can) $34.99 ($6.95 case savings)                       

 ($7.75/ can) $36.25 – Retail


Natural Dough Enhancer

A Shirley J original! Created for our name sake to improve the quality of her homemade wheat bread, some 29 years ago. This product was then and is now the industry standard and when used in any bread recipe will refine the texture, reduce crumbing and strengthen the gluten structure.


20 oz. can 6/case     ($6.99/ can) $34.99 ($6.95 case savings)                        

($7.75/ can) $36.25 – Retail

Pizza Pasta Seasoning

This easy to use spice blend is the best kept secret around. Just add to canned tomato sauce, tomato paste or crushed tomatoes to make the best pizza sauce ever. It also makes a great sauce for lasagna, chicken parmesan or pasta dishes.

1 lb can 6 cans/case     ($6.99 / can) $34.99 ($6.95 case savings)                   

 ($7.75/ can) $36.25 – Retail

Beef or Chicken Bouillon

(These are concentrated, so you get at least 3 times the amount in the same small container.)

Available in either chicken or beef favor, our version of this kitchen necessity has a deeper flavor and a lower salt content that most, giving your recipes a flavor that is richer in meat flavor and less salty. You will use less and have better results.

30 oz. can 6/case       ($6.99 / can) $34.99 ($6.95 case savings)                     

($7.75/ can) $36.25 – Retail

Slow Cooker/Dutch Oven Seasoning

(Amazing! Makes all soups and stew thick and yummy! Your beans and family, will love this!)

When you add our special seasoning mix with a little water to your slow cooker or Dutch oven you have the perfect seasoning profile for whatever meat you are cooking. Available in Chicken, Beef, Pork or BBQ flavor.

20 oz. can 12/case      ($8.49 / can) $91.49 ($10.39 case savings)                  

($9.70/ can) $98.00 – Retail



For those of you that didn’t particularaly like the topic of “homemade sanitary pads”, here is something that might better appeal- or not. It is a silicone or latex menstrual cup that is quite easy to use and comfortable. Many have already used this product for several years and highly recommend it. Visit www.mooncup.com to hear and see how it works.


There are 2 types to choose from- “The keeper”, which is a natural man-made material from the gum rubber tree, called latex. The other is “The Moon cup”, man-made product- silicon. There has been some controversy about the latex and being allergic reactions to it, although they have proven that both latex and silicon are safe and tested. Cleaning is only 30 seconds in immersed in vinegar. EASY!

One lady already told me that she is ordering one for each of her daughters, daughters-in-law and herself. I think this would also be priceless in our 72-hour kits. To get this amazing price, we have a no-return policy, so make your choice wisely. They told me that they talk a lot of people through how to use it correctly, and then there are usually no more problems. (If you are hesitant concerning the return policy, we can include that, but it will up the price for everyone.)

The cup lasts for 10 years and is $ 35.00. Over 10 years, that’s .28 cents per month! 

Ladies, you can’t beat that!



 For those of you who came to the gardening class, here is the NEEM that we talked about. It is organic oil that comes from the Neem tree in India. You can use it to spray your tree, garden and even in your house for pest/rodent control and it really works. You can also use Neem cake as fertilizer in your garden soil. We used this product last year and it lived up to its word in every aspect. You use very small amounts of this concentrated oil. Last year we used 1 1/3 of a cup and made 50 gallons! We used it all summer and ended up throwing a lot of it away because we never had to reapply as we have had to with other products. It has a garlicie smell, which fades quickly, but I am sure that that is what makes it work so well. Say good-bye to squash beetles and more- this is amazing stuff! More info? Visitwww.neemresource.com/AboutNeem.html

The prices are yet to come, will be wholesale- so cheaper than listed on their site.



TBA at sprout class on April 12th, 10:00 am.


P.S. I am still waiting for about 27 people to pay me for the cookbooks before I will order them. Please bring your money by. If I am not at home, place it under the doormat. Thanks, 🙂