Nuclear Kit Description

Hello again everyone,
3 things today:

If you didn’t get pasta and still want to, you can go to 90 ea. Main Street in Lehi on Friday the 13Th from 1-7, or Sat. the 14Th 10-5 to get whatever else might be available. You won’t get it for .65 cents a pound though, but .75 cents a pound is still good. My friend said that he should have spaghetti and some more common pasta’s, but only on a first come first serve basis. Good luck, it goes fast, but worth it.

Class reminder:

Thursday, the 12 of Feb. 10:00 at April’s house.
Basic bread making, and survival bread.
(If you make your own bread, and want to share a taste and recipe with us, please bring it to this class.)

Group orders going on:
Handwashers  $10.00   (due Thursday am)


WonderMill wheat grinders  $232.45 or less depending on how many we order. (due Friday am)

Nuclear Kit (Can save 20 peoples lives) I am pre-selling these for $50.00 for the class on March 5Th.

Nuclear kit Contents:
Nuclear War Survival Skills ($20.00 retail)
kI chemical USP 40 grams   ($26.00 retail)
Book of Revelation Today   ($14.00 retail
Restoration of the Republic  ($12.50 retail)
Trace mineral liquid label seconds (3 month supply) $24.00 retail)
DVD Last Day Devastation vs. Latter-day Preparation ($10.00 ea. DVD)
DVD A more Perfect Union
KI tablets   ($8.00)
Liquid electrolyte spray energy salt and sprayer  (12.00)

Coming up group orders:

Honey, bulk garden seeds & bulk spices. I am still working on the pandemic kit. When I nail down a good price, I’ll tell you all about it.

Thanks, that’s it for tonight ladies. Thank you, April 🙂