Pandemic 10 Week Challenge

Please don’t put this important stuff off for later. Do it now!


Week #1

2 buckets

1 box of contractor type garbage bags (To make your own porta-potty in case you lose utilities)

Kitty litter – 1 bag per/person.  This can be used for absorbing all bodily fluids.

Extra garbage bags for soiled/contaminated clothing, towels or regular garbage disposal

Pet food/prescriptions, water – don’t forget them!


Week #2

Oral Re-Hydration formula

Buy it or make your own:

  • 1⁄4 teas salt
  • 1⁄4 teas Lite salt
  • 1⁄4 teas baking soda
  • 2 1⁄2 teas sugar
  • Combine these ingredients w/ 1 liter of sterile water.  Suggest making up several of these

and save it in small baggies.  Store in your kit.  Taste before relying on this recipe – make

it palatable for your family.

Thermometer and alcohol to clean it

Prescriptions, pain/fever reducers, vitamins

First Aid kit – make sure hand sanitizer is included


Week #3

Water – determine drinking and to mix with bleach and other detergents to clean with

1 gallon of liquid bleach and disinfectant cleaners

Liquid cleaners (soap, dish soap) – if utilities go out these will be easier than powdered cleaners

2 boxes of N95 masks for each adult in the household – make sure it fits firmly against the face. 

As long as hospitals keep these in stock, you should too.


Week #4

Latex gloves

Anti-bacterial gloves (some people are allergic to latex)

Several boxes of borax

Anti-bacterial wipes for cleaning up after a patient

A bell or whistle for the patient to get our attention

List of Health Care Providers in your area, including clinics and hospitals who you can call at

home to get advice or directions if needed


Week #5

Toilet paper (suggest 100 rolls per/person) you will use more than normal when people are sick

Paper towels (suggest 20 rolls per/person)


Week #6

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene products,

lotion, etc. (The things you don’t want to really run out of.  Suggest 3 months supply of each of



Week #7

A 100 ft. roll of clear 4 mil plastic (avail at Lowes or Home Depot)

10 rolls of duct tape

These items can be used to temporarily replace windows in the case of an earthquake, or also

seal off a room from the pandemic.)


Week #8

Paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery, will cut down on the possibility of spreading germs and save

you time to get back to care-giving.

Cash – should the power fail, ATM machines and credit cards will not work.  Have a stash of

small denomination bills on hand for emergencies when you are forced to leave your home.


Week #9

Alternative to Electricity Items:

For light – flashlights, glow sticks, lanterns, emergency candles, batteries

For heat – firewood, non-electric heaters (propane or kerosene – follow the manufacturer’s

instructions for safety very carefully.  We don’t want to burn the house down.)

For cooking – portable propane cook stove, barbeque grill, fuel, and non-electric can opener

For laundry – large tub, rope for a clothesline or a clothesline, and clothespins

For communications – battery/solar/crank radio and/or TV to keep up with the news or health



Week #10

Entertainment.  Just think about three months at home with no place to go. Talk about cabin

fever! Consider purchasing DVDs that you know your children or spouse would like to have. Keep

them put away until they are needed or until the next major gift giving occasion. Then replace the

old with new titles. You can also establish a stash of age appropriate books, magazines, puzzles

and games. Reading a few classic books as a family would also be a great way to pass the time.

Stock up on craft supplies and even a new hobby to start with the kids. Cooking can be lots of fun

together so make sure your three month supply includes ingredients to make some fun snacks

and meals. A sense of humor is key to survival, so be sure to choose entertainment that is funny

and/or uplifting. 


And finally….

Gas up.  As soon as you hear the flu has come to your region, fill all your cars with gas.  Not only

1.   will supplies be hard to come by, but if the power fails, so do the pumps.

2.   Cash: Should the power fail ATM machines and credit cards will not work. Have a stash of small denomination bills on hand for emergencies when you are forced to leave your home.

From Wendy Dewitt

Survival Bread

In the past when I have had a premonition to do something for preparedness, I have done it, but I have thought that it would be for “someone” who might need it. After this past year, I have learned that that “someone” is my family and I. So now, I will do flavors and things that I like, because I might be eating it!

  • 2 cups oats
  • 2 1/2 c. powdered milk
  • 1 c sugar
  • 3 tbs. honey
  • 1 pkg. orange or lemon jell-o (3 oz)
  • 3 Tbl. water

Combine oats, powdered milk and sugar. In a medium pan mix water, jell-o and honey. Bring to a boil. Add dry ingredients. Mix well. (If the dough is too dry, add a small amount of water a teaspoon at a time.) Shape dough into a loaf. (About the size of a brick.) Place on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Cool. Wrap in aluminum foil to store. This bread will keep indefinitely and ach loaf is the daily nutrients for one adult.

I think that I would put the loaf in a seal-a-meal bag after I knew for sure that it was dried out. I’d hate for a mouse or something else (spiders) to get to it after the expense and time it took to make it. I actually tried this and it tasted pretty darn good. I tripled the recipe using cherry, and white sparkling grape  jell-o (Combined) instead of orange and it was still yummy. Tripled, it made 5 beautiful “pink” bricks. This is something that you could sick in your emergency backpacks and car kits if you wanted to.

Some have replaced the sugar with honey and said that it works just fine. There might not be as many calories, but it worked just the same.I think that I will try that next time.

Recipe via. Rebecca Lee

Classes for Domestic Tranquility

Dear Sisters,

I have decided that this is the best calling in the church. I have always wanted to know more about this stuff and now is my great opportunity! It also can be your great opportunity to learn some of these lost skills and learn to feed your family better at the same time while using your food storage.

Below, are a few classes that I will be teaching (for the next millennia by the looks of the list) to help prepare myself, and our ward family for the exciting events to come. Of course, I will need all of the help I can get. So, if you feel like you would like to share what you already know, or learn more about one of theses subjects, please e-mail me back and I will put you on that committee and when that class rolls around, you can help.

Sisters, please remember that none of this is meant to overwhelm any of us. But if we are prepared, we shall not fear. That is the idea here- DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY! Yippy, here we go on this great adventure!

In the Kitchen

  1. Break Making 101- grinding wheat, basic bread making, etc.
  2. Bread Making 102- pretzels, bagels, pita’s, tortillas, etc.
  3. Bread Making 103- Sweet Breads (orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, etc.)
  4. Breakfast Cereals/Granola Bars (inspired by the high price of cereal)
  5. Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooking (low energy, low water)
  6. Dutch Oven/ Solar Oven Cooking
  7. Pasta Making
  8. Yogurt/Cheese Making, Almond, Soy and other Milk products
  9. Amaranth, Quinoa, Wheat meat and Goetta
  10. Graham Crackers and Crackers
  11. Making “Mixes” with your food storage
  12. Show and Tell “I can’t live without this” and why
  13. Nuts, Seeds, Peanut/Almond and other nut butters
  14. Sewing clothing & other groovy stuff
  15. Soap and Lotion Making

In the Garden

  1. Cooking with Spices and herbs
  2. (Show & Tell) The things we can’t do without
  3. Juicing
  4. Vegetable Gardening and Harvesting Seeds
  5. Sprouting
  6. Home Canning
  7. Herbs, Oils and Home Remedies

Co-Ops- are you interested in participating in the following?

  1. Ward Garden Plot
  2. Ward Chicken Coop

Group Orders- stuff to purchase at a discount

  1. “Be Prepared” Cookbook
  2. Electric Wheat Grinders
  3. Hand Wheat Grinders
  4. Solar Ovens
  5. Dutch Ovens
  6. Water Purifiers

Pandemics- the stuff no one wants to talk about, but what we need to know about

  1. Earthquake
  2. Bird Flu
  3. Nuclear Disaster

E-mail me back to put you on the list of helpers for the classes that tickled your fancy. The schedule of classes will be coming out soon. Once a month, (Thursday morning at 10:00 am, at my house) there will be a cooking class, once a month there will be a group order of sorts. (Coming from Rebecca Lee’s “20 things I wouldn’t do without”.)

Thanks for your help,

April 🙂