“Nectar for the Gods”

For centuries, honey has been the most bartered commodity next to gold and silver. The idea came from the pure sweet honey mythologies, poetry, symbolism, expressions, religions, medical uses (cures and surgery), and miracles. Honey has been highly sought by all people in all lands since the creation of the earth. In the ancient Americas B.of M., Ether 2:3, “And they did also carry with them deseret, which, by interpretation, is a honey bee; and thus they did carry with them swarms of bees, and all manner of seeds that which was upon the face of the land, seeds of every kind.


In today world we have ignored honey and its many uses and have substituted it with granulated sugar and artificial sweeteners. Every day we hear the horror stories and see the effects from using substitute sweeteners. If you want rotten teeth, a destroyed liver and pancreas, cancer, diabetes, and other problems, be sure to use granulated sugar and artificial sweeteners.


It is time to take a new look at Raw Honey in your diet. Raw honey is complete with all its enzymes, minerals, high vitamin content (especially vitamin C), and will store almost indefinitely. There are many types and colors of honey; some are better than others. Snow white honey is one of the most favored of all and should be stored in its granulated or crystallized state until ready to use.


Raw Honey in past times has been known to do many things including the following:  

 1. Raw Honey is simple sugar (levulose and dextrose). It helps build up reserves of glycogen and blood sugar in preparation for any feat of endurance such as needed by athletes.

 2. Raw Honey builds hemoglobin in the blood to prevent hemorrhaging.

 3. Raw Honey destroys bacteria such as typhosus, para typhosus (A&B), enteritidis, dysenteriae, suipestifer, coli communis, botulism, and others. Too much moisture or processing honey at temperatures over 105 degrees kills the enzymes and has the opposite effect. Processed honey is no longer raw and can carry botulism.

 4. The “hygroscopic” (draws moisture) powers of honey are phenomenal and were used in the process of mummification by the Egyptians.

 5. The sedative, hypnotic, and diuretic effects of honey are well known.

 6. Raw Honey is very helpful in cases of marasmus, rickets, scurvy, diarrhea, and malnutrition because it contains proteins, mineral salts, and vitamins, which are missing in sugar.

 7. Raw Honey has been used for the perfect sweet for children-the ideal milk supplement in infant feeding. Sugar is a poison to children leading to head colds, otitis, enlarged tonsils, recurrent bronchitis, bronchial asthma, vomiting, rheumatism, chorea, eczema and urticaria, caused in some cases even by a small piece of candy (ref. Dr. Ch. G. Kerley).

 8. Raw Honey is a perfect carrier in tinctures and formulations for herbal medicine; it has the ability to assimilate faster than other liquids. Honey and garlic is the oldest known formulation.

 9. The soporific power of honey has been used to cure insomnia. Other cures include gastric and intestinal ulceration’s, gall bladder diseases, inflammation of kidneys, kidney stones, and diabetes. Honey can also be used as a laxative.

 10. Honey is used as a food all over the world. Many recipes are available. As you study other cultures, the list for uses of raw honey continues to grow.

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Benefits of Raw Honey

This never has to be rotated! If stored properly it will last forever!

Honey is considered the food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life. History has recorded honey as the most used medicine in ancient Egypt while in the First World War, honey mixed with cod liver oil were used to treat soldier’s wounds.


“There are many scientific researches that show honey is a wonderful food. I would only give one as an example. In one recent study, researchers at the University of California, Davis, reported on March 2004 that daily consumption of raw honey might raise polyphenolic  antioxidant levels in blood and reduce the risk of damage by free radicals. In English this means better immune system and stronger body.”


Listed below are some common problems and ailments, which can easily be avoided from using honey:


Skin: Honey is extremely nourishing for the skin when used as a face pack and helps in rejuvenating the skin leading to the elimination of fine wrinkles. It is a good moisturizer.


Antibacterial and antifungal properties: Honey contains many minerals and vitamins beneficial to man. However, one of the most important properties seems to be its antibiotic action.


Healing wounds and grazes: Honey is of value in treating burns, infected surgical wounds and ulcers. It is very vicious in absorbing water from the surrounding inflamed tissue. Just cover the wound with honey (raw) and a bandage.


Stomach Ache: Take one teaspoon of honey, juice of ½ lemon with a hot glass of water first thing in the morning.


Coughs and Colds: Mix 6 oz. liquid honey, 2 oz. glycerin with juice of 2 lemons. Bottle and cork firmly. Use as required. For sore throats, let 1 teaspoon of honey melt in the back of the mouth and trickle down the throat. Eases inflamed raw tissues.


Burns: Apply freely over burns. It cools, removes pain and aids fast healing without scarring. Apart from being a sale and antibiotic, bacteria cannot live in honey.


Insomnia: Honey helps in nervous disorders including insomnia and acts as a tonic in recovery of any damage to the human nervous system. In case of insomnia one teaspoon full of honey mixed in luke-warm water and drunk before going to bed helps in getting sound sleep.


From Rebecca Lee’s 20 things I wouldn’t do without.