Sterilized Wraps

Sterilized Wraps– Wash and bleach a white sheet. Cut it in strips about 8 inches wide. I do width wise, but can be done length wise also. Take one end and roll it up one at a time. Wrap individually with brown paper (grocery bag) and put tape or a rubber band on it to keep it sealed. Line up on cookie sheet and bake at 225 degrees for 35 minutes. Remove and place in zip lock bags. I keep so in my car kit for emergencies as well as in my first aid kit.

Sterilized Dressings – Remember a dressing is sterile; a bandage is not. Soak clean cloth in a bleach solution (1/10) or hydrogen peroxide solution (50/50). Dry well. Wrap with foil or paper, label, and line up on a cookie sheet and place in oven at 300 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, let them cool and put them in zip lock bags. Place some in your car kit as well as in your first aid kit at home.

notes via Rebecca Lee

Sterilization By Chemicals

Chlorine bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite)

Bleach will kill many organisms immediately, but for full sterilization it should be allowed to react for 20 minutes.  It decomposes overtime when exposed to air, so fresh solutions should be made when needed.

To sterilize dilute 1/10 (one part bleach to ten parts water)

To kill tuberculosis bacteria 1/5 (one part bleach to five parts water)

To inactivate prions* 1/2.5  (one part bleach to 2.5 parts water)

WARNING: Bleach is toxic. It should be used in an open or ventilated area to protect your lungs and your eyes. It’s a chemical, handle it with care.  We don’t need bleach in our bloodstream, so protect your skin from absorbing it. Use gloves.

Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

 HP is simply a water molecule (H2O2) with one extra oxygen molecule.

It’s a sterilizing as well as disinfecting agent for kitchens, bathrooms, toothbrushes, etc. It can also be use in humidifiers.  It can be toxic if taken internally. Corrosive to metals if not diluted.

Full Strength  –  One cap full of HP in the mouth for 5-10 minutes a day to disinfect, whitens teeth, and eliminate bad breath.

50/50  (half HP/half water) – in a spray bottle could be use to clean, disinfect, and eliminate bad odors in kitchens, bathrooms, refrigerators, etc.

¼ cup of HP in aprox. 2 gal. water – This can be done in the sink or big bowl. To clean fruits and vegetables. Don’t rinse after, just dry with a paper towel.


Sterilized Dressings – Remember a dressing is sterile; a bandage is not. Soak clean cloth in a bleach solution (1/10) or hydrogen peroxide solution (50/50). Dry well. Wrap with foil or paper, label, and line up on a cookie sheet and place in oven at 300 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, let them cool and put them in zip lock bags. Place some in your car kit as well as in your first aid kit at home.

Bandages – Wash and bleach in your washer any white, soft color sheet or fabric that won’t bleed. Dry well.  Cut it in strips about 8 inches wide.

Fold in half length wise (4 in) and roll it up one at a time. Wrap individually with a brown bag (grocery bag), tape, label, and store it in a zip lock bag.

*Prions- Infectious agent composed of protein. Found as BSE or (mad cow disease) in cattle and as CJD (Creutzfeldt-jacok disease) in humans.  All prions affect the structure of the brain and neural tissue. It’s currently untreated and fatal.

Please read:

DC 112:23-28

DC 84:49-57

Ensign April 1989 “Be aware of pride” By Pres. Ezra Taft Benson

Notes from Rosa Rice

May Bulk Orders

(This is a sneak peek- bulk order on solar things still to come)


Wow Ladies,

I have spent many, many hours finding the best prices for sprouts that I have EVER seen. (For certified organic sprouts- I found some cheaper from farmer Jo’s backyard, but figured they wouldn’t be the best bet.)

After our sprouting class, we decided that we would offer 4 types of seeds just to keep it simple. We have HUGE minimums to get them at these prices, so please, offer this to your families, friends and wards. I will keep this sale going through May 17th. Our price is in green. (Prices do not include tax, and will have a S&H fee because I get to weigh and bag them all. 🙂 )

  • Alaskan Green Pea (200 lb. min.)

Wholesale $1.65 a pound, Retail: $5.86 a pound

These peas when spouted, taste like fresh peas in a pod! Can you imagine having these in the winter months when there isn’t any other fresh produce? Yummy! They take about 2-3 days to sprout. Delicious on salads or even as a snack! If you aren’t a sprouter, these peas will make you want to be!


  • Black Oil Sunflower (200 lb. min.)

Wholesale: $3.25, Retail: $6.84

These are black-shelled sunflower seeds and must be sprouted in dirt. Not only are they tasty, but beautiful to watch growing in your kitchen. They are VERY expensive to buy sprouted, and just pennies to sprout yourself. Good on salads, soups, wraps and as a snack. Yummy!


  • Chia- with (50 lb. minimum)

Wholesale $5.00 a pound, Retail: $12.00-$36.00 a pound!!!!

These seeds are #6 on Rebecca Lee’s list of things she couldn’t do without. She calls them “Mother Earth’s Most Powerful Super-Grain” because they are perfectly loaded with Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. (Brain food). The chia seed is also able to hold 12 times it’s weight in water and is great for endurance, muscle and tissue building. It can be used in smoothies, cereal, salads etc. Eaten whole and raw, 1 Tablespoon can sustain an average person for up to 8 days!!!!  (Read  Rebecca Lee’s information regarding the chia seed. It is worth reading.)


  • Mixture of yummy sprouts in a 5-gallon bucket (no minimum)

(Adzuki, Mung, Lentils, Pea, Tricale, Wheat and Fenugreek all in diatomaceous earth.)

Wholesale $100.00, Retail $150.00.

This is a different mixture than the bucket I sold last year, as well as from a different supplier. It has more variety of seeds inside. I think that this is a child friendly mixture because it has some bigger seeds. (My little kids like finger food.)  Great in stir fry, on salads, sandwiches or as a salad itself. Really yummy! (A 5 gallon bucket of seeds is a 1 person, 1-year supply.)

The shelf life on any seeds (sprouting or garden seeds included) depends on where they are stored and what the conditions are there. As with all seeds, they are alive and need oxygen to stay that way. In a cool dark place, they can last up to 30 years, although hopefully you will sprout and rotate your seeds. You can live off of sprouts just like Daniel did in the bible and maintain good health and stamina.


If you are interested in ordering, please e-mail  your order to  I will e-mail back your total, then you can mail or bring me your money. All money must be received before I will place your order.

Benefits of Raw Honey

This never has to be rotated! If stored properly it will last forever!

Honey is considered the food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life. History has recorded honey as the most used medicine in ancient Egypt while in the First World War, honey mixed with cod liver oil were used to treat soldier’s wounds.


“There are many scientific researches that show honey is a wonderful food. I would only give one as an example. In one recent study, researchers at the University of California, Davis, reported on March 2004 that daily consumption of raw honey might raise polyphenolic  antioxidant levels in blood and reduce the risk of damage by free radicals. In English this means better immune system and stronger body.”


Listed below are some common problems and ailments, which can easily be avoided from using honey:


Skin: Honey is extremely nourishing for the skin when used as a face pack and helps in rejuvenating the skin leading to the elimination of fine wrinkles. It is a good moisturizer.


Antibacterial and antifungal properties: Honey contains many minerals and vitamins beneficial to man. However, one of the most important properties seems to be its antibiotic action.


Healing wounds and grazes: Honey is of value in treating burns, infected surgical wounds and ulcers. It is very vicious in absorbing water from the surrounding inflamed tissue. Just cover the wound with honey (raw) and a bandage.


Stomach Ache: Take one teaspoon of honey, juice of ½ lemon with a hot glass of water first thing in the morning.


Coughs and Colds: Mix 6 oz. liquid honey, 2 oz. glycerin with juice of 2 lemons. Bottle and cork firmly. Use as required. For sore throats, let 1 teaspoon of honey melt in the back of the mouth and trickle down the throat. Eases inflamed raw tissues.


Burns: Apply freely over burns. It cools, removes pain and aids fast healing without scarring. Apart from being a sale and antibiotic, bacteria cannot live in honey.


Insomnia: Honey helps in nervous disorders including insomnia and acts as a tonic in recovery of any damage to the human nervous system. In case of insomnia one teaspoon full of honey mixed in luke-warm water and drunk before going to bed helps in getting sound sleep.


From Rebecca Lee’s 20 things I wouldn’t do without.

Survival Bread

In the past when I have had a premonition to do something for preparedness, I have done it, but I have thought that it would be for “someone” who might need it. After this past year, I have learned that that “someone” is my family and I. So now, I will do flavors and things that I like, because I might be eating it!

  • 2 cups oats
  • 2 1/2 c. powdered milk
  • 1 c sugar
  • 3 tbs. honey
  • 1 pkg. orange or lemon jell-o (3 oz)
  • 3 Tbl. water

Combine oats, powdered milk and sugar. In a medium pan mix water, jell-o and honey. Bring to a boil. Add dry ingredients. Mix well. (If the dough is too dry, add a small amount of water a teaspoon at a time.) Shape dough into a loaf. (About the size of a brick.) Place on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Cool. Wrap in aluminum foil to store. This bread will keep indefinitely and ach loaf is the daily nutrients for one adult.

I think that I would put the loaf in a seal-a-meal bag after I knew for sure that it was dried out. I’d hate for a mouse or something else (spiders) to get to it after the expense and time it took to make it. I actually tried this and it tasted pretty darn good. I tripled the recipe using cherry, and white sparkling grape  jell-o (Combined) instead of orange and it was still yummy. Tripled, it made 5 beautiful “pink” bricks. This is something that you could sick in your emergency backpacks and car kits if you wanted to.

Some have replaced the sugar with honey and said that it works just fine. There might not be as many calories, but it worked just the same.I think that I will try that next time.

Recipe via. Rebecca Lee

Class Schedule for 2009

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you the heads up on some up coming classes. I know that we are all on different levels of preparedness, so I am still offering one 101 level class each month, (i.e. cooking, etc.) but feel impressed to also move forward with some hard core classes and hopefully, acquire peace through knowledge. Please do not feel over whelmed with the below schedule. Each of us are surrounded by a pool of knowledge in our neighbors and good friends who are willing to help us along as long, if we are willing to be taught. We still have time, but in my opinion, if we are listening to our Prophet, the time to become prepared is now. So, let’s get started!

Below is a list of my upcoming classes that are to be seen as a “BANQUET of opportunity”. Hopefully I can start to quench many taste buds on various levels of learning for all of us. (If I am not, please give me your suggestions on things you are interested in.)

There are some words in the English language that instill a certain level of fear. Words like PANDEMIC, NEUCLEAR ATTACK and many more. I must say that these things are scary, but they can be less scary by becoming educated, Hence; here is a “Face your Fears” opportunity for us to come learn, become informed and hopefully to empower with ability.

Here are the classes for the next couple of months:

  • January- Pressure cooking, canned meat, Jerky, smoked meats and TVP. All about meat choices for storage.

This was great class that pretty much covered all meat choices for long term storage. There was also a mini class on Food Storage Fast Foods”. When I get it all typed up, I will post it under “pressure canning.”

  • February 5th- 7:00-9:00 pm – Bird Flu Pandemic

Class will be in the Chapel in the Larson Park Ward. (Same chapel where the Jim Phillips Sanitation class was held.) You may invite whomever you would like to take advantage of this great class. (I am hoping to fill the chapel. J) Alison Robinson will teach this class. She is C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Training) certified, a member of the Medical Reserve Corps, both of which are connected with Homeland Security. She has received the information in a MRC meeting and would be presenting that. Is also co-commander of our CERT team and is extremely knowledgeable.

(A Complete Medical kit will be available to purchase in advance of the class, or a sign up sheet will be passed around and filled later. There will also be a follow up class to teach you about anti-plague recipes, home remedies, and other antidotes that have been proven to work that can save your families lives. More information to come in the next few days.)

  • Feb. 12th 10:00 am.

Bread Making 101. I will demo bread making and you will sample some of the sisters home-made bread. I will also demo Survival Bread- #4 of “Rebecca Lee’s 20 things I wouldn’t do without” at Widmer’s house taught by me, April 🙂 As always, recipe and shopping list will be provided before the class. Mini class on your “Laundry Bucket must haves.”

  • March 5th, 6:30-9:30

Nuclear attack and the book of Revelations taught by a local specialist, Farley Anderson. This is a very spiritual meeting that gave me such peace instead of fear. Of course Heavenly Father has provided a way to protect His children. Come and find out how. It is extremely fascinating! (Nuclear attack package is available in advance of his lecture for $50.00 each. When I heard him speak, I wanted to order a package for EVERYONE I love. This is definitely life saving information including antidotes, and is very well worth the money.)

Everyone is welcome; bring your loved ones and neighbors- especially your husbands!

  • March 19th- 10:00 am

Organic gardening at the Widmer’s. What is the big deal, and why do I want to do this? Rebecca Griffin will be teaching this class and answering all of those questions. (Group ordering and catologue will be available.) Mini class on Organic Honey.

  • April’s classes – the month, silly!  🙂

I am sure that you are wondering what I will come up with next right? #3 of “Rebecca Lee’s 20 things I wouldn’t do without”, sterilized wraps, (first aid kit package will be available.) and #6, Pulse/sprouts. This is something you will not want to do without in your storage and has up to a 30-year shelf life.

  • April 9th – 10:00 am, Larsen Park Ward. 9600 So. 6000 West

April Widmer’s house. Traditional “sprouting in a jar” and other methods as well as dirt sprouting. I am going to get a great discount on bulk buying here for sprouting seeds. I will post the group order prices on May 1st.

  • April 23rd 

Rosa Rice will be teaching us how to make our own Sterilized wraps and dressings. Start finding/saving white sheets to cut up, and saving your brown paper sacks to complete this project. 

This is #3 of Rebecca Lee’s “20 Items I Wouldn’t Do Without”.
We will meet in the Larsen Park Ward (6000 West 9600 No. in Highland) in the RS Room at 10:00 and should be there about 1 1/2 hours. 
Sorry ladies, we won’t have a nursery.
Hope to see you all there,
April 🙂
  • May is “Solar Month”

May will be my solar classes, so solar ovens, panels and other solar things will be made available. Sieg is putting a package together so that you can have portable solar. More info will come as we get closer.

  • June- Power is out, how do I cook?  Dutch Oven cooking and other alternative fuel sources.

This is all for now sisters. Doesn’t this sound like fun? I am excited and hope that you too, feel like this is a lot of great stuff to learn, and start checking off of your preparedness lists. We are blessed to have so many knowledgeable people around us who are willing to share what they know. We are really being blessed!

Take care sisters,

April Widmer 🙂

Bottled Butter

My husband and I canned 35 pints of butter 1 month before he was laid off from his job. I can’t tell you how glad I was that we did that. Several months into unemployment when we still couldn’t afford to buy butter, we gratefully opened jar after jar and really enjoyed the fruits of our labors.

  1. Use any butter that is on sale. Lesser quality butter requires more shaking (see #5 below), but the results are the same as with the expensive brands.
  2. Heat pint jars in a 250-degree oven for 20 minutes, without rings or seals. One pound of butter slightly more than fills one-pint jar, so if you melt 11 pounds of butter, heat 12 pint jars. A roasting pan works well for holding the pint jars while in the oven. Place the lids in a small pot and bring to a boil, leaving the lids in simmering water until needed.
  3.  While the jars are heating, melt butter slowly (med/high heat) until it comes to a slow boil. Thawing the butter and cutting each cube into smaller pieces will speed up the melting process. Using a large flat-bottomed wooden spoon, stir the bottom of the pot often to keep the butter from scorching. You will notice that foam starts to build up in your saucepan. Be careful not to boil over.
  4. Reduce heat and simmer for at least 5 minutes thus allowing the foam to subside.  A good simmer time will lessen the amount of shaking required (see #6 below).
  5. Stirring the melted butter from the bottom to the top with a soup ladle or small pot with a handle pour the melted butter carefully into heated jars through a canning jar funnel. Leave 3/4″ of headspace in the jar, which allows room for the shaking process.
  6. Carefully wipe off the top of the jars, then get a hot lid from the simmering water, add the lid and ring and tighten securely. Lids will seal as they cool. Once a few lids “ping,” shake while the jars are still warm, but cool enough to handle easily, because the butter will separate and become foamy on top and white on the bottom. In a few minutes, shake again, and repeat until the butter retains the same consistency throughout the jar.

At this point, while still slightly warm, put the jars into a refrigerator. While cooling and hardening, shake again, and the melted butter will then look like butter and become firm. This final shaking is very important! Check every 5 minutes and give the jars a little shake until they are hardened in the jar! Leave in the refrigerator for an hour.

Canned butter should store for 3 years or longer on a cool, dark shelf. It does last a long time.  Canned butter does not “melt” again when opened, so it does not need to be refrigerated upon opening, provided it is used within a reasonable length of time.

A lovely glow seems to emanate from every jar. You will also be glowing with grateful satisfaction while placing this “sunshine in a jar” on your pantry shelves.

Canning Margarine or Butter in an Oven

  • Use sterile pint jars. Boil lids and rings. Use about 3.25 sticks of margarine or butter in each pint jar.
  • You absolutely cannot use margarine that’s been whipped. It must be margarine or butter that remains solid at room temperature.
  • You may melt your margarine or butter ahead of time, in which case fill pint jars approx. 3/4 full of melted product.
  • Fill your clean room temp. jars. Put lids & rings on snugly as you would when canning any product.

  • Set jars in a pan in the oven in case your jars ooze a bit, which is perfectly okay if they do.

Set this into a 225-degree oven for 25 minutes. You should look in and see the margarine moving as though bubbling. If there is no movement leave them about 10-15 minutes. This means the jars have built up enough internal pressure to seal your lids.

“Provident Living Leader”

Dear Sisters,

I am elated to have my new calling as the wards “Provident Living Leader”. This is something that I have always had a huge passion for, and it is exciting to know that what we are preparing for, is the Lord’s second coming. I don’t know about you, but there is so much to learn and do-  this is going to be Fun, Fun, fun!

I love the “Hands-On approach”, so I am planning on having many mini classes during the summer at my home as we are canning, harvesting and doing other cool homemaking skills. If you are interested in any of the classes that I post, please feel welcome to come and watch and even help if you want. I will try to do theses demo’s during the day, or in some cases in the evening, before the actual harvest time, so that you can go home with the knowledge in advance of how to can, or dehydrate etc. your own garden harvest.

I will be sending via e-mail questions to all of you, and hope that you will respond back via e-mail so that I will know how best to serve you. The first thing I need to do is split up each family into 3 groups of preparedness: Beginners, ½ way there, or advanced. Once I know what families fall into what groups, I will know how best to help you at the level where you are situated. Obviously, this is a huge job for one- me, so I plan on having many helpers here and there, hopefully, from each one of you.

When we meet on the 27th at Michelle Kendall’s house to view Rebecca Lee’s awesome DVD “20 Things I WOULDN’T DO WITHOUT“, I will send out a sign up sheet, so you can be involved in the areas of your expertise, or wherever you want to fill the gap in your own preparations. Sister’s really, this is so much fun to learn, or simply to return to being domesticated! We are so lucky to be able to have so many cool things to learn. Things like homemade pasta, homegrown, and homemade pizza, spaghetti and Mexican sauces! (You know, for all of those beans you will be eating!) Yummy- and at a fraction of the cost too! This will be a fun little venture, hopefully for our whole ward. Yippy! So on to the party!

  • Class #1

BOTTLED BUTTER– Sieg will be teaching the first mini class tonight at 7:00 pm here at my home. We will be canning short-term butter. (Which means it has a shelf life of under 7 years depending where it is stored- later we will do long term, which is indefinite. Butter doesn’t last very long around here anyway, so 3 years might be pushing it.) If you can’t make it, don’t worry, it is easy to do, and I will post the recipe again after we have done it. Sorry for the short notice, but we had planned on doing this tonight anyway, and I just thought to invite you all to come along J.

  • Class #2

Have you ever wondered how you would stay warm without any heating, or any other heat source? Wonder no longer, I have an expert on the subject coming to teach us next week on June 19th, at 7:00 pm at the church. This is the beginning of a few sequential classes that will be taught on “FOAM CLOTHING” or the Jim Phillips Way. He has clothing that can keep you warm up to -60 F, no problem. It is a lot cheaper and more reliable than generators, fuel or anything else you can buy, and of course, it is absolutely portable and you can use it now if you want. (For those winter camp-outs etc.. or even this summer, if it never warms up!) Anyway, this is the best and cheapest short and long-term survival option, as well as this one that will really save your life and your loved ones, so you won’t want to miss it! I will be sending more details later on this one. You don’t have to buy anything, but the information will be lifesaving. (You can check it out yourself at Please invite anyone you know who might be  interested, as I feel so strongly about these classes.)

Finally, for those that ordered SPROUTS, they should come on Thursday. Please drop off your check to me before then for the following amounts:

If you ordered 1 bucket of sprouts, the price was $146.36.

If you ordered sprouts and garden seeds, the price is $180.21.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, log on to and check it out. At the end of the summer, I will send out one final order that will be delivered to me here in Highland- you can order then, or on your own if you are interested.

See sisters, isn’t this fun?

I’ll chat with you again another time, and I promise that it will be much shorter then!

Adios, April 🙂

P.S. If you need WATER BARRELS, they are the cheapest right now at the AF Walmart at a beautiful $20.00 off the price of any others in town. (They are $39.00 while the supplies in the front of the store last.) Good luck!